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Pro Fight (Puncher’s) handcrafted from the finest materials available.

Founded in 1995 in New York City, Grant stands as the most esteemed and respected company in the fighting sports equipment and apparel industry.
Today, Grant is renowned worldwide for its authenticity and timeless designs in equipment and apparel, and prestige accessories – symbols of craftsmanship and elegance, quality and excellence.

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Sparring/Training gloves

BWS GYM offering you the very best boxing grant gloves deal, Grant Boxin g Gloves must be one of the names you have come across. Choose from a wide assortment of our Boxing Gloves for scaling up your boxing gear to higher levels of perfection.

Established in 1995 in New York, the brand name “Grant” has become a staple preference of boxing professionals worldwide.

It would obviously feel exciting to have the assurance of a brand that creates boxing gear for prominent names in the world of boxing. When the elite pros are using Grant Boxing, there is hardly any reason to skip a look at some of the best boxing gloves from their house.

The Features :
One of the foremost aspects that immediately draw your attention to Grant Boxing Gloves is their construction. Fighters who want maximum hand protection, yet something to use the full potential of their punch power should definitely opt for Grant. The padding on the gloves is evenly distributed, providing adequate comfort to the person wearing the gloves

The next striking highlight of our Boxing Gloves is the assurance of safety and support for the wrist. If you have not yet had your first practice session, then you will have to learn the anatomy of your hands and the impact on them with boxing. The padding around the wrist protects it from the abrupt force, thereby ensuring safety.

The lightweight gloves of Grant also mark another promising highlight for boxers. So you can upscale your speed considerably.

Furthermore, you cannot ignore the fact that continuous practice in sparring sessions is easier with these Boxing Gloves. The sturdy leather material used in these gloves provides the assurance of durability. So, it is easier for boxers to use Grant in sparring sessions as well as competition fights.


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  1. Henry Martinez

    It’s an excellent pair.

  2. Mason Lopez

    Absolutely love my new boxing gloves.

  3. Louis Jacobs

    I use these for boxing training, and they are comfortable, protective, and durable.

  4. Arthur Peeters

    I love this brand, These were my first pair of gloves and I used them for sparring and hitting the heavy bag and they held up very well

  5. George Eddie

    I bought these for a boxing class I take and they do the job!

  6. Tyler

    Super durable. love it

  7. Christopher

    the best brand

  8. Diego

    they are super stylish

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